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How to Request Admission Information Book and Application Forms, and Past Exam Questions for Master’s Program’s Admissions

[Graduate School] 


< In Person at Academic Affairs Desk >

Please refer to the distribution schedule at Admission Schedule for the admission information book and application forms (Boshu-yoko). For General Selection, the application packet is obtained at the desk counter in early May.

The application packets for Double-Degree program, MEXT scholarship Special Selections, and International Research Student Special Selection Program are available only online here on Chiba University Graduate School of Engineering website. Please download applicable documents to print.

The past exam samples (Kako-mon) of master’s program’s admissions for the last three years are available at the desk, but taking pictures or photocopying are not allowed. Those of doctoral program should not be provided.

Place: Academic Affairs Desk  (Gakumu)

Science and Technology Bldg. No.1, 1st floor

(Shizen Kagaku-kei Sogo Kenkyuto 1)

Nishi-Chiba Campus

Time:   8:30 a.m.-5:15 p.m.

Monday through Friday except national holidays

<Mailing within Japan>

Affix a required postage stamp* (see below.) to a self-addressed envelope (A4 size, Kakugata-nigou), write the name and address to which the envelope is to be sent, and then send the envelope to us.  The Admission Information Book (Boshu-yoko) and Application Forms (Gansho) should be requested during the distribution period. Each admission has its own distribution period. Be sure to confirm it in Admission Schedules as mentioned above and then make a request to us. Applicants for ‘General Selections’ might request the booklet and forms in print (paper medium) during the distribution period. Those for ‘Special Selections for International Students’ need to download them from the website during the distribution period. They will not be published.

If you request the past exam questions (Kako-mon) of master’s program’s admissions, you could get them for the last one year. Those of doctoral program’s admissions should not be provided.

We are in charge of both Graduate Schools of Engineering and Advanced Integration Science. Be sure to enclose a note as below in the envelope.

1. Your name, phone number and Email address (only use for failure inquiry in your note)

2. The name of Graduate School

3. The name of your desired department (from 7 depts. in total)

4. Desired admission


 ➢Master’s program April yyyy admission

 ➢Doctoral program April yyyy admission/1st selection

5. Desired booklet in print or printed matter


 ➢Admission information book and application forms (Boshu-yoko)…A

 ➢Guidebook of Graduate School of Engineering …B

 ➢The past exam questions (Kako-mon)  for master’s program…C

Prices for postage stamps for all the departments in common*

A+B (master’s program)=400 yen

C=205 yen

A+B+C (master’s program)=400 yen

A+B (doctoral program)=400 yen

<International Mailing>

If applicants reside outside Japan, please send us Email first with your information about articles of No.1-5 above, so that we could send a return Email to you.

◇◇◇◇◇ Contact Information ◇◇◇◇◇

Academic Affairs Desk (Gakumu)

Graduate School of Engineering

Chiba University

Address:   1-33 Yayoi-cho Inage-ku Chiba Chiba 263-8522 Japan

Phone:     043-290-3885  (From overseas:  +81-43-290-3885)

Email:      kougaku-daigakuin@office.chiba-u.jp

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