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Message from the Dean・・・The ldee of Education and Research in the Faculty of Engineering, Chiba University

Message from the Dean

Minoru Seki The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Chiba University

The ldee of Education and Research in the Faculty of Engineering, Chiba University Minoru Seki The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Chiba University

Engineering Science is the practical study of the scientific systematization of various technologies toward the realization of an affluent human society. Moreover, it is to present to the world something constructed both of the tangible and the intangible aspects of various materials and immaterial things. The education and research in engineering promote those professionals who contribute towards the goal of common humankind. Based on this recognition, the Faculty of Engineering, including all educators and official staffs, constantly strive to attain the following three principles and targets.

1. To support engineers and researchers with a wide range of applicable abilities

The Faculty of Engineering aims to support universal basic academic ability, to provide ethics and basic engineering education based on social problems, and to enforce the motif of education as it pertains to special fields of study. A great deal of ethical concern for the natural environment and character building providing high sensitivity and deep understanding of cultural communication and presentation capabilities is necessary for the education of engineers and researchers. Moreover, education that fully considers not only the large meaning of problem solving ability, but also raises the spirit of inquiry, planning ability, and creativity is set forth.

2. To promote and create a high level of individual originality in research and education

The high level of originality in education available only at the Faculty of Engineering in Chiba University is built upon the appreciation carried on from traditional assets, which have been constructed to meet the demands of the times, and endeavors to establish new education and research fields that lead society. For a social lifestyle that directly relates to engineering, this is indispensable.

3. To promote cooperation between engineering education, industries, and local society

The Faculty of Engineering continues the practice of advanced technology education on an international scale. This high level of education is sought after on a wide scale domestically as well as abroad. Japan as a country is a mature society; lifelong education and refinements within the working society are indispensable and important issues. Therefore, the Faculty of Engineering should play an important part in responding to these issues positively.

The three philosophies and targets of the Faculty of Engineering mentioned above have become the root of The Charter of Faculty of Engineering, Chiba University. We as educators closely cooperate with official staff members, as one common body, pushing forward toward the attainment of those principles and targets.

Message from the Dean
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