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Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering





Advances in electrical and electronics engineering since the end of the last century have really been amazing, and contributed a great deal to the welfare of our society as well as to the development of science and technology.

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, the Faculty of Engineering aims at dedicating to teach talented students destined to lead major companies and/or big research projects in the future. According to this aim, we provide students with highly specialized professional knowledge and skills related to electrical and electronics engineering, and make students acquire a sense of interdisciplinary research to cooperate with people with different academic backgrounds. Being charged with their own research and research-training for students, there are 13 laboratories which cover a wide range of electrical and electronics engineering; fundamentals and applications of electromagnetic waves and acoustic waves, physics of semiconductor and electronics devices, systems engineering, power electronics, control engineering, information technology and communication engineering.

Throughout the classes and research work in the department, all the students are expected to learn a wide range of technical knowledge and to cultivate a comprehensive ability required for real professional engineers and researchers. In order to acquire a sense of interdisciplinary research, students are strongly encouraged to take the classes and join research projects in other departments.

Graduates of the department are mainly working in industries as professional engineers, while some are playing a key role as research staff in universities and research institutions. The doctoral department is open for those who wish to pursue their further research and improve their skills.


They are the main special subjects of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

1st grade

  • リストIntroduction Seminar
  • リストElectromagnetics I

  • リストFundamental of Computers

2nd grade

  • リストExperiment of Electrical and Electronics Engineering I

  • リストElectromagnetics II
  • リストElectrical Circuits
  • リストControl Theory

  • リストElectronic Measurement
  • リストProgramming

3rd grade

  • リストExperiment of Electrical and Electronics Engineering II

  • リストElectronic Circuits
  • リストPower System

  • リストSemiconductor Physics
  • リストCommunication Engineering

4th grade

  • リストUndergraduate Research
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
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