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Department of Informatics and Imaging Systems





Informatics will realize our glorious future society with imaging systems

As the internet, IT, broadband, ubiquitous and so on, are being introduced over the recent years; “information” has definitely become the current foundation of our modern society. In our surrounding, there are various types of information, such as information of natural environment, information we human transmit in our daily lives and biological information. Therefore, not only we have basic areas to understand information mathematically, we do also have intelligent image and information processing technology matched to the basic area which is supported by hardware and telecommunication technology. Furthermore, very wide range of areas is linked to the basic foundation of information, such as security and reliability technology which are becoming the major aspects of our modern society,, embedded system technology, realizing real-time processing and mobility, electronic device technology and so on.

In our department, one will come to acquire a wide range of systematic knowledge based on “information” and “imaging system” as the core of our curriculum. Here, the subjects are classified into 3 major pillars which are “Information and mathematics”, “Information and physics” and “Information and human”. The first pillar ““Information and mathematics” will cover subjects regarding computer mathematic and algorithm, subjects on software and hardware as well as subjects related to telecommunication network, distributed system and security. Through these subjects, one will be able to learn more on the fundamental structure of computer systems. In the area of the second pillar “Information and physics”, we will introduce subjects based on analog and digital signal processing, subjects related to optics and subjects on digital image processing. We will learn more about the physical phenomena behind the processing, transmission and output processes of information and images through these subjects. As for the third pillar “Information and human”, it consists of subjects related to image, color, sound, audio, natural language processing and also human interface. One will learn how information is transmitted to human and also the effective methods of information transmission.

We strongly believe that our students, who have taken these subjects which combine information and image systems, are in a position of leadership in various areas of the industrial sector. Our graduates are expected to work actively in the field of research and development for electrical companies, telecommunication companies, computer companies, software development companies and printing companies, as well as in the field of constructing an information society where people feel comfortable and live friendly. We also have a graduate school linked to our department. The graduate school offers extensive higher education where students will learn more on specialized subjects and also be able to perform research activities of a higher level. By obtaining more knowledge and experience here, our graduates will show outstanding performance in all the major fields of the society.


They are the main special subjects of the Department of Informatics and Imaging Systems.

1st grade

  • リストGeneral subjects

  • リストBasic specialized subjects (Linear algebra, dynamics, electromagnetic and etc.)

  • リストInformatics and imaging systems seminar

  • リストIntroduction to informatics and imaging systems and so on.

2nd grade

  • リストIntroduction to Computer System
  • リストProgramming

  • リストFourier Transform and Image
  • リストKnowledge Engineering

  • リストProgramming exercise and so on.

3rd grade

  • リストComputer architecture
  • リストTelecommunication network

  • リストInformation theory
  • リストDigital image processing

  • リストComputer graphics and so on.

4th grade

  • リストSeminar
  • リストBachelor thesis and so on.
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