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Division of Design Science


Next-Generation Design Integrating Technology and Culture

Design science is a science that enriches human life and culture. “Design” is now given importance in various areas. This is because it is one of the biggest themes which could influence the society in the future. Succeeding a long history and tradition of eighty years since the foundation of Tokyo Higher School of Technology, Design Science Course of Department of Design Science in Graduate School of Engineering of Chiba University, have always been engaged in the education and research in design which is appropriate for contemporary age. Our goal is to continue to play the role of a leader in design field not only with our rich history but also by amalgamating recent findings in various fields in design science.

In order to respond to today’s varied world, we lay out programs which strengthen design introduction education. Generally, varied education should be given in order to train diversified human resources. Then we built up continuous educational programs which lead to various designs which each individual pursues, and to not only the undergraduate education, but also to masters, and further to the doctorates. We expect the students to have a wider vision, think deeply, and actively learn. In addition, the education and research program of our department has the variety which can respond to your work.

We hope to play its role as the highest education and research institute in training sophisticated designers and design researchers in Japan.

Department of Design Science

There are three research divisions “Product Development”, “Information and Communication”, “Environmental Humanomics” in Design Science Course and each division contains three attractive laboratories. All laboratories execute many original researches independently and always keep in touch with each other.

Teacher organization

Teacher organization of Division of Design Science

Academic Research Area : Production Systems

Professor: Hiroyuki Aoki 〇
Materials planning, industrial design, Kansei (emotion) engineering
Professor: Makoto Watanabe
Industrial design, design systems, design management, design planning
Professor: Mitsunori Kubo
Design morphology, modeling dynamics, production design, materials planning
Professor: Fumio Terauchi
Materials planning, design psychology, Kansei (emotion) engineering, touch, smell
Visiting Professor: Shyuichi Misono
Transportation design, design management, production design
Visiting Professor: Koichi Hayashi
Transportation design, design management, production design
Associate Professor: Edilson S. Ueda
Sustainable design, eco-product design, eco-service design, design of sustainable products and services, ecological design
Associate Professor: Kenta Ono
Industrial design, systems design, design management, interface design
Visiting Associate Professor: Shinji Watanabe
Industrial design, design management, in-house design, design strategy
Assistant Professor: Satoshi Hachima
Design solutions, design systems, landscape design, public design, technoscapes
Assistant Professor: Takatoshi Tauchi
Design modeling, fundamentals of modeling, modeling analysis, public art, sculpture
Assistant Professor: Yasuhiro Ohara
Visual communication design, information architecture, computer graphics, advertising, history of design


In order to produce products that are useful for human life, various social requirements and the needs of people must be considered comprehensively. This research area studies the various conditions that are necessary when producing a product as a sequentially connected system. More specifically, academic research is conducted on the theories, methods, and applications of product design, design management research that evaluates and plans design from a systems perspective, and research on materials planning where design is considered from the perspective of materials.

Academic Research Area:Information Communications

Professor: Haruo Hibino
Design psychology, color psychology, impression evaluations, psychophysics, emotional design
Professor: Koichi Iwanaga
Human information science, techno adaptability, human interfaces, techno stress
Associate Professor: Keita Ishibashi
Bio-information analysis, physiological anthropology, chronobiology
Associate Professor: Youichi Tamagaki
Digital information expression, color information, computer graphics, visual communication design
Associate Professor: Yoshie Kiritani
Communications design, psychology for designers, psychology of perception
Associate Professor: Shinichi Koyama
Perception, cognitive psychology, design psychology, neuropsychology, neuroscience


Information and how it is given and received, or information communications, is an important issue that is closely tied to all aspects of human life. This research area is characterized by a multi-faceted inquiry into these issues from the perspective of design. More specifically, academic research is conducted on communication design, which deals with the issues of the planning and evaluation of information communications media; human information science, which deals with the issues of the planning and evaluation of human interfaces; and design psychology, which deals with the issues of design from the perspective of psychology.

Academic Research Area:Environmental Humanomics

Professor: Tetsuo Katsuura
Human life engineering, environmental ergonomics, physiological anthropology, design humanomics
Professor: Naoto Suzuki △
Regional design that responds to social change, lifestyle building, traditional technologies, poverty and globalization
Professor: Akira Ueda
Design culture planning, utilization of local resources, endogeneous regional development, endogeneous tourism creation
Professor: Kiminobu Sato
Environmental design, spatial design planning, environmental psychology, sound environment planning
Visiting Professor: Koichi Matsuo
Japanese folk religion, Japanese history and tradition of performance arts
Associate Professor: Yoshihiro Shimomura
Design humanomics, physiological anthropology, human life engineering, Biomechanics
Associate Professor: Takayuki Higuchi
Contextual design, design studies, design theory and history, Japanese design culture, symbiotic environmental design, interior design
Assistant Professor: Hiromichi Hara
Environmental design, planning of walking environments, planning of play environments


Living environments are composed of various elements which change according to the needs and conditions of the occupants or users. This area of research considers the relationship between people and the environment from a cultural perspective, a behavioral perspective, and from the perspective of ergonomics. Academic research is conducted on regional development and the creation of specific environmental tools, environments based on human characteristics, and the elements that compose these environments while clarifying the relationship between the environment and people at the respective levels.

△denotes faculty who will retire on March 31st, 2014.
〇denotes faculty who will retire on March 31st, 2013.
◎denotes faculty who will retire on March 31st, 2012.

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